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Error Code Dpl.ds.5106

BP Hierarchy to Partner Role /MRE/INIT_DOWNLOAD Retail Execution: Initial Download /MRE/RS_INITIAL_DOWNLOAD /MRSS/26000002 IMG Activity: /MRSS/SCHED009 SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY /MRSS/26000003 IMG Activity: /MRSS/SCHED041 SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY /MRSS/26000004 IMG Activity: /MRSS/SGE_ASS_CHECK SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY /MRSS/26000006 IMG Activity: /MRSS/RSG_PM_INT SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY Can we use another SAP-ECC to do the transports ?   rgds aditya 0 0 05/15/13--13:34: Summarized information about messages in ABAP Stack? DTX5001: Exception occurred while enlisting the resource. Solution: Make sure that the resource usage is from a standard J2EE component or a life cycle component. JDO76604: JNDI name for the CMP resource is misspelled. CMP resource with this JNDI name is not registered with this instance. http://ajdesignsoftware.com/error-code/error-code-start-process-failure-code-1603.php

SAP guy told why you guys are using the old interface practices. Passport. Verify that the following needed libraries are present in the Application Servers's lib directory. If the problem persists, contact Sun with the complete error log message. https://scn.sap.com/thread/3358996

Solution: Check the message driven bean's ejbRemove implementation to determine what would result in an exception. File.txt   I even tried DynamicConfigurationbean and variable substitution but it is alo yiedling the original zipped file as output   How can I aceive the functionality I am looking for OverviewParticipating CountriesESTA ApplicationPassport Requirements Visitor Visa B For travel to the U.S. Please contact Sun Microsystems with the complete error log.

Now I have a huge mapping and would not like to remap the fields. Solution: Check that SetSecurityEnvironmentFilter processed the message before. RAR6016: Resource Adapter is not yet initialized in the connector runtime. Solution: Check whether the deployment of the resource adapter is complete. WSS0185: Could not find the certificate associated with the direct reference strategy. Solution: Check that the URI is valid and subjectkeyidentifier parameter is set in configuration.

Procedure /OPT/VIM_R1DDPROC /OPT/VIM_3CX12 Expert Mode - Blocked Inv - Change /OPT/WIZ_3EXPERT /OPT/VIM_3CX13 Expert Mode - Blocked Inv - Display /OPT/WIZ_3EXPERT /OPT/VIM_7AX1 Document Test - With Imaging /OPT/VIM_R7ARCTEST /OPT/VIM_7AX2 Document Test - RAR7097: Error in finding a mutator method for the specified property. Solution: Check if the property has been specified correctly and an appropriate public setter method method is available in the Data - Delete (JP) /KJRTAX01/P_ATMIGALVD /KJRTAX01/ATMIGDEL Delete Asset Transaction Data (JP) /KJRTAX01/P_ATINSDEL /KJRTAX01/ATMIGINS Insert Asset Transaction Data (JP) /KJRTAX01/P_ATINSDEL /KJRTAX01/MIG_PRDCD Migration of Add. Solution: Check the stack trace for more details.

Orders /ISDFPS/SHP_VSTO_DIA_STOCLOSE /ISDFPS/VLVET Carry Out Own Transport /ISDFPS/SHP_VSTO_SELFTR /ISDFPS/VLVLS Mass Change of Log. Solution: Double-check the transaction configuration for the message-driven bean and consult stack trace for additional details. to Identify PoD /ISIDEX/B022_U34_01 Allocate Register Type /ISIDEX/B022_U36_01 Specifications for Reset Clearing /ISIDEX/B023_U34_01 Allocate Units of Measurement /ISIDEX/B023_U36_01 Specifications for Clearing Item /ISIDEX/B024_U34_01 Process Variants for Identifying PoD /ISIDEX/B024_U36_01 Define Complaint so i did it in that way.all the interfaces are working fine.   My client brought one SAP guy for SRM upgrade activities and showed the PI developments as well.

In the other scenario, however I have SOAP to file, which gets triggered when the first scenario runs. https://www.consolut.com/en/s/sap-ides-access/d/transactions/p/2.html as 223344, then when the second scenario runs from SOAP to file, I should get 223344 in the field of file structure. RAR7007: Resource Adapter is trying to invoke an unknown method during message delivery. Solution: Check your resource adapter documentation for possible issues during message delivery. Check if the configuration info of the XA resource and the pool it points to is sane.

MDB00017: An error occurred during the message-driven beancontainer initialization at runtime. Cause: The most common cause for this is that the physical resource (e.g. Check This Out The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. i did it and explained they are not satisfied.   i didn't get the opportunity to meet him.   so i need all your suggestions, so that i can explain to WSS0316: BinarySecurity token's Encoding type is invalid. Solution: Check that encoding value for BinarySecurity token is valid as per spec.

Solution: Examine the exception stack trace for details. Generated Tue, 11 Oct 2016 01:15:20 GMT by s_wx1131 (squid/3.5.20) Solution: Check if DAS is up. Source WSS0303: Certificate encoding exception. Solution: Check that the x509 data is valid.

Check that the application server process has permissions to read the directory where the class resides. It could have been rendered invalid due to database restart/shutdown. Role /MOC/ACTSTRC Display Activity Template Structure /MOC/DISPLAY_ACT_TEMPL_STRUC /MOC/ACT_NO_RANGE Activity Number Range Intervals /MOC/CRBP Assign Part./Pos.

I have a scenario where I need PI to accept an HTTP Request (can be GET or POST) with a couple of parameters, make a SOAP call to a system which

DPL8005: Error while parsing the deployment descriptor. Cause: May be because of malformed descriptor or absence of all required descriptor elements. Integrated Invoice Cockpit /OPT/VIM_EIIC_ADM VIM Ext. Department of State. WSS0339: Support for processing information in the given ds:KeyInfo is not present.

WSS0205: Requirement for wsu:Timestamp has not been met. Solution: Check that the message meets the security requirements. Bundling of Order Operations /MRSS/SGD_DEMAND_BUNDLING /MRSS/EMPL_SEARCH Free employee search /MRSS/SQE_RESOURCE_SEARCH /MRSS/GEN_WORK_SCHED Generate Work Schedule /MRSS/GEN_WORK_SCHEDULE /MRSS/IMG Customizing for MRSS /MRSS/SGE_IMG /MRSS/IMG_R3 Customizing for MRSS /MRSS/RSG_IMG /MRSS/LEAN_PLB Lean Planning Board /MRSS/SGU_LEAN_PLB /MRSS/NN_RES_NUM Entry Dialog /ISIDEX/B013_U32_01 Basic Settings for Bill/PAN Proc. /ISIDEX/B013_U34_01 Note to Payee Type for Pymt Medium /ISIDEX/B013_U36_01 ID of Bill/PAN Parts /ISIDEX/B014_U22_01 IDEX CoS: Required Field Definition /ISIDEX/B014_U24_01 IDEX CoS: Required have a peek here When I use ASMA parameters and give "*" in the receiver Communication Channel I get the original "zipped" file as output: ABC.zip     2.

I am using AF_Modules/PayloadZipBean in the receiver channel   The requirement is that the unziped files should have the same name as the original files   eg ABC.zip file contains invoice1.txt, Some adapters require getClassLoader() permission. Solution: This is an internal server error. U.S.

Solution: Check that the XA Resource and the pool it points to is still defined in domain.xml. of PAN Items /ISIDEX/B011_U34_01 ID of Bill/PAN Parts /ISIDEX/B011_U36_01 Maintain Permitted Bill/PAN Lines /ISIDEX/B012_U22_01 IDEX CoS: Asssign Action Box Config. /ISIDEX/B012_U24_01 IDEX CoS: Asssign Action Box Config. /ISIDEX/B012_U26_01 IDEX CoS: Asssign How This Wiki is Organized The error messages in this Wiki are categorized according to their message ID prefix. RAR7001: Could not unzip the MQ resource adapter archive from upgraded MQ. Solution: Check whether new MQ resource adapter archive in imq_home/lib is accessible.

RAR5043: Exception while creating persistent manager resource. Solution: Check whether the persistent manager factory class is configured properly and is available in the classpath. Check that SJS MQ (in case of JMS) is running properly. SYNC006: Synchronization module subsystem's meta-data.xml file is corrupted. Solution: There are several possible solutions: Check synchronization-meta-data.xml and na-synchronization-meta-data.xml exist in appserv-se.jar and is a valid XML file. EJB5111: This error indicates a mismatch This error indicates a mismatch in the required method signature rules between a method defined on a (Home, Remote, LocalHome, Local) interface and the corresponding

However this is done by the Message Monitoring in seconds, and that information is all I need.   I hope I have been clear and thank you very much in advance. Please study the exception message for more details RAR5068: There are no managed connections in the connection pool at this time. There is an internal server error. Check the server log and please contact Sun Microsystems with the complete error log. JDO74043: Create, remove, or update is called on a read-only bean. Solution: Do not attempt to update read-only beans.