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Prerequisite for this fault code is that Hydronic is operating and the water temperature at the overheating sensor has reached minimum 80°C. •Check as fault code 012. 015 Overheating lock out. This lockout is for a serious safety problem. •Investigate causes as fault code 12. •Unlock using appropriate diagnostic equipment. 017 Overheating lock out. (Hardware limit value) The temperature exceeded 130°C the Heater locked. Measure the Blower speed using a non contact rpm meter, one cost £8 including post from China December 2012.

If OK replace ECU.047 Fuel metering pump short circuit to earth or overload current Disconnect the wires on the pump connector, if fault code 048 is displayed pump is faulty. (If Remove the connector from the control box and apply voltage. If the installation must use an internal sensor wire up an external sensor, feed the wires back into the case and fix the external sensor close to the original internal sensor.097 Resistance should be approx 0.5 ohms, accuracy not critical for this test Rotating shaft slowly by hand while checking may reveal faulty segments.

Eberspacher Fault Finding

In the 24 volt heater, carry out the functional check with max. 23.6 volt. A routine check of all terminals and connections is always a good method of preventative maintenance with any vessel or vehicle. 3.Check the conditionand rating of the fuses used on the Our contact was quoted saying "why anyone chooses to buy normal gas oil, I don't know!" another supplier was challenged to why it was not always offered he said "surprisingly no D2 Power 4800 140 rpm, High 4000 120 rpm, Medium 2800 80 rpm, Low 2000 60 rpm D4 Power 4400 130 rpm, High 3500 100 rpm, Medium 2600 80 rpm, Low

All rights reserved. A typical cause is disconnecting a plug after the heater has failed to start without turning off the switch on the controller. Check for incorrect wiring connections on new installations. Eberspacher Fault Code 52 Fault code indicates resistance value was greater than 7175 ohms. 065 Flame sensor short circuit Detailed instructions on Faults Main page in section "Stage 2 Pre start failure".

Check Overheat sensor. Check for water in connectors and heater. Has the ducting been crushed, the air intake to the heater inhibited, or have any or all of the outlets been closed off. The control box, fuel metering pump, blower motor, voltage regulation relay and in some case the ignition system will have to be modified.

Alternatively remove blue connector from ECU, if code 071 is displayed replace combi sensor. Eberspacher 801 Fault Codes The ECU is locked for safety reasons. ADR is only used for vehicles carrying hazardous materials.010 Over-voltage cut off Voltage over 16 volts for at least 20 seconds, (32 volt for 24 volt heaters) Check alternator regulator or Unit failed to start on both start attempt sequences.

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Generated Sun, 09 Oct 2016 11:25:27 GMT by s_ac5 (squid/3.5.20) So looks like controller is U/S or its the ECU Reply With Quote Quick Navigation Practical Boat Owner's Reader to Reader Top Site Areas Settings Private Messages Subscriptions Who's Online Search Eberspacher Fault Finding DO NOT TOP UP WITH NEAT TAP WATER. Eberspacher Fault Codes D4 The measurement method described in the Eberspacher Airtronic fault code list is almost useless, the heater must be connected and switched on so drawing current. 012 Overheating at overheat sensor (Software

Voltage short term drops below 5 - 6 volts (for 12 volt) or 7 - 8 volts (for 24 volt). •Check +12 volt and earth (0 volts) from the battery for Few users will have a suitable 8 volt supply so a dealer may be needed to diagnose. Aloose terminal or connection can have the same affect as corrosion. The resistance of an Eberspacher D1LCC, D2, D4 or D5 pump should measure 10 0.5 ohms (24v 36 1.8 ohms). Eberspacher Fault Code 33

Maybe cleaning and applying some corrosion inhibitor (e.g. If greater than 7175 ohms check grey and brown/white wires and extensions for breaks. Your cache administrator is webmaster. Resistance approx 0°C 33,000Ω, 20°C 12,450Ω, 50°C 3600Ω, 100°C 670Ω •Alternatively place short circuit across sensor (or connector pins for some models).

If not OK replace controller. How To Read Eberspacher Fault Codes If no test meter is available the pump can be connected to a 12 volt battery, it should make a loud click each time it is connected. (Take care not to ECU locked out.

For fault code 021 use accurate measurement technique shown on Faults Main page and Airtronic Servicing page 2.

Whilst checking the condition of a terminal, don't forget to check the terminal or connections security. If testing blower use 6 or 8v dc supply, not 12v. 033 Blower fan motor rotating at wrong speed *Hydronic II only. •Check as code 030 034 Blower fan motor short Check that the airflow into and away from the heater through the ducting system is not restricted. Eberspacher D2 Manual DO NOT wipe the fault codes without permanently recording them, this information can contain valuable clues for anyone diagnosing problems.

Check flame sensor. It should be: 10.5V to 14V (12V system) or 21V to 30V (24V system) under load. This is simply a standard failure to start fault indication. It could also be the thermostat or modulator is set too low, ensure that the thermostat or modulator control is adjusted up to a higher setting.

If, on the other hand, the short circuit has already occurred and then the heater is switched on, „Ventilation“ is active (not a fault code). • If „Ventilate“ switch is installed, This code displayed when the heater is switched on after fault code 017 was displayed. (I have no idea why this fault code is needed, code 017 covers the problem!) More Heater 12 volt: current intensity > 9 A or heater 24 volt: current intensity > 4 A –> replace combustion air fan. • Check wiring for short circuit. 034 Blower motor Heat may have damaged the ECU, if not it can be unlocked using appropriate equipment.

Heater has overheated more than 10 times in succession. Common after disconnecting pump. The latter meets BS EN 590 and has the same specification as road diesel. Check both Flame sensor and Overheat sensor.015 Overheating lock out.

Your cache administrator is webmaster. Your cache administrator is webmaster. Your heater may be overheating. If OK replace ECU005 Short circuit car alarm output Check wiring on Connector B1 pin 15 for short circuit to earth.

The temperature exceeded the maximum the overheat sensor can measure. If error 065 continues to be displayed –> replace control box, Resistance value in case of short circuit < 500 Ω, 071 Overheating sensor – interruption • Dismantle control box, disconnect Fault code indicates resistance value was less than 486 ohms. 071 Overheat sensor interruption (open circuit) Detailed instructions on Faults Main page in section "Stage 2 Pre start failure". If ok reconnect the pump and disconnect the main Eberspacher loom connector B1. •Measure resistance across the connector pins 5 and 10 going to the pump.

More info in fault code 017. 017 Overheating lock out. (Hardware limit value) The temperature exceeded the maximum the overheat sensor can measure. Generated Sun, 09 Oct 2016 11:25:27 GMT by s_ac5 (squid/3.5.20) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection If the error 061 continues to be displayed, –> replace control box. 062 Control unit – interruption • Remove connector at the control unit and measure the resistance value of the Fault code indicates resistance value was greater than 7175 ohms.065 Flame sensor short circuit Detailed instructions on Faults 2 page in section "Stage 2 Pre start failure".

The fan now spins freely. Causes same as fault 053.060 External temperature sensor interruption (open circuit) External temperature sensor disconnected while heater was running. Power stage naming is different for some heaters. Heater can be restarted by switching off and on again.